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Anirudh Despande

Anirudh Despande graduated from the Master’s Programme in Engineering Design in 2018. He now works as CAE Engineer at Scania Group in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Name: Anirudh Despande
Origin: India
Scholarship: KTH-Scania Scholarship
Title: CAE Engineer at Scania Group
Master’s programme at KTH: Engineering Design

What did it mean for you to receive the KTH & Scania Scholarship?

Receiving the KTH & Scania Scholarship was like a dream come true. It meant a lot to me, as I did not have to take any educational loan from the bank and had the unique opportunity to do my master’s programme at KTH in the discipline of my interest.

I feel that the collaboration between KTH and Scania is a wonderful initiative for selecting the best talent and help them achieve their goals and ambitions. It not only motivates students to continue working with greater commitment, but also provides a platform for students to make some meaningful contributions to both KTH and Scania by participating in academic projects and master’s thesis. In addition, the collaboration also paves the way for industry-focused research projects that will enable students to solve real world engineering problems.

Receiving the KTH & Scania Scholarship provided me an excellent opportunity to study and hone my skills in my field of interest. The Scholarship included an opportunity for a summer internship at Scania after my first year at KTH. It was the perfect way to experience and better understand the work culture and practices at Scania.

From that point on, it was all about being diligent at work, adding value to the organisation and meeting new people, which helped me get my master thesis at Scania. After successfully completing the thesis, I was employed at Scania and presently work here as a CAE Engineer. It has been a great learning experience so far and I am enjoying my work.

What did you think about KTH and your master’s programme?

KTH is a world-class technological university and has of one of the best research facilities in Engineering Design with a highly qualified faculty. The ongoing research in areas like “Eco design, Machine elements and Tribology” are truly fascinating. I felt that my Master's programme in Engineering Design (track: Machine Design) has provided me with strong foundation in design thinking and in approaching a given problem in different ways. With a strong focus on industry-oriented projects during the course of studies, I felt very confident and competent stepping into the new work environment after my master’s studies.

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