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Invoice and payment KTH

Do you want to send an invoice to KTH? Here you can read more about the necessary information that must be included on the invoice in order for us to handle it in the best way.

KTH's organisation number: 202100-3054
Vat no: SE202100305401

Electronic invoice to the Swedish public sector

Invoices must be sent electronically to the Swedish public sector. PDF invoice via email is not classified as an electronic invoice. Read more on the webiste of the Swedish Agency for Digital Administration (DIGG) Mandatory e-invoicing in the public sector (

Read more about Peppol (

Contact your provider of accounting/invoicing systems to secure a transition to new digital routines and new regulations. Most programs/services have been able to offer this for some time now.

Invoices must primarily be sent via the European standard PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0.

Invoice reference

It is important that you, as a supplier to us, enter the correct customer reference on the invoice. KTH has approx. 2,000 people who are the first recipients of invoices and these recipients are found in systemically separated parts of the organisation. An invoice with the wrong reference thus risks ending up on the wrong path with late or non-existent payment as a result.

The invoice reference, which must always be present when ordering, must have the following structure: EXAMPLE KTHXXX. Where EXAMPLE should be replaced with the username/KTHID that the customer within KTH has.

The following reference structures are available to choose from, these depend on where within KTH the client works:


For further guidance contact .

E-invoice (PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0)

KTH has Peppol ID 0007:2021003054

Invoices sent via the Peppol network automatically arrive at KTH without further agreements between the market's various invoice VAN operators.

The invoice reference code must be found on the electronic invoice. It’s an identifier assigned by the Buyer, KTH, used for internal routing purposes. Correct placement for the information in XML-file:
cbc:BuyerReference> EXAMPLE KTHXXX</cbc:BuyerReference

Paper invoice

The experience during Covid-19 is that suppliers who send paper invoices create an unnecessarily large need for staff to go to work to handle scanning of invoices. The risk is also significantly greater that suppliers who send paper invoices will not get paid on time. It is therefore in the interest of both KTH and the supplier that the switch to electronic invoicing begins as soon as possible.

Invoice reference must be found on the invoice.


Box 24075
104 50 Stockholm

Payments to KTH

For payments to KTH, see payment information on the invoice. In the event of any ambiguities, contact the relevant party at KTH.