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Disclosure of public documents

Documents that are stored at KTH and that is has been received to or produced by KTH will be disclosed according to the principle of public access to official records and laws of secrecy. Please contact the Registrar's Office if you would like to request a public document.

How do make an request for an public document?

  • If you wish to read or have a copy of and public document, please contact the Registrar's Office at KTH
  • You can free of charge read public document during our opening ours or make an apoinment. 


  • It is possible to have copies of requested public documents. The may be collected at a given address at KTH or be sent to you (postage cost is added). If the quantity of pages or files exceeds 9 a fee will be added. 
  • The fee for copies on paper is applied according to the Fees Ordinance (1992:191) and the fee for electronical copies is applied accordning to KTH:s decision (dnr V-2022-0448). 

Copies on paper

  • 9 pages are free of charge. With the 10th page there will be a fee of 50 SEK and 2 SEK per page.
  • Postage cost is always added if the copies are sent by mail. 

Electronical documents

  • 9 files are free of charge. With the 10th page there will be a fee of 125 SEK and 5 SEK per page.
  • The fee is detemined by the number of files regardless the sizes of files.