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New research highlights the importance of targeted climate adaptation

A diagram showing the results of the global application of the framework presented in the study.
Results of the global application of the framework presented in the publication. The results show sectoral risks from climatic impact-drivers and their potential influence on SDG target achievement.
Published Aug 03, 2022

A recently published research paper demonstrates that without targeted climate adaptation, impacts of climate change can threaten the achievement of the 169 SDG targets.

The research paper provides an actionable framework to help systematically align national adaptation plans with the SDG targets. By using the research framework, governments and development organizations are able to prioritize sector investments that both reduce climate risks and contribute to a healthier planet.

"Globally, application of our framework shows that all 169 SDG targets are threatened by near-term sectoral risk from climate change. To reduce these risks, we assess how adaptation of critical sectors and the services these provide can help safeguard and advance all SDG targets,” says Dr. Lena Fuldauer, lead author of the study. 

The research was conducted by several researchers from University of Oxford, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and KTH, including Francesco Fuso Nerini, director at KTH Climate Action Centre. 

 "This work is another milestone in the ongoing efforts at the KTH Climate Action Centre and its partner organizations on how to harmonize ambitious climate action with the achievement of the SDGs," adds Dr. Francesco Fuso Nerini. 

Read the research paper here: Targeting climate adaptation to safeguard and advance the Sustainable Development Goals (