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News in sustainable development at KTH

News in sustainable development at KTH

KTH sustainability news

  • Truck in landscape
    Remanufacturing is one of the inner circles of the Circular Economy. It creates a balance between a high level of value recovery and acceptance of the second life products. Photo: Scania.
    Vinnova grant for a small project with great impact potential
    28 Sep 2023

    A feasibility study involving KTH, Scania and Scandinavian Transmission Service AB, kicked off in September 2023. The project will focus on integrating remanufactured gearboxes in the production line ...

  • Human hand with the technology attached to it
    Through this work, we aim to challenge taboos and reframe women's bodily fluids as valuable sources of knowledge, says Nadia Campo Woytuk, one of the researchers behind the technology.
    Women's body fluids become valuable sources of knowledge
    28 Sep 2023

    Researchers from KTH and Uppsala University have developed innovative technology for analysing cervical and vaginal mucus. This will help increase individual comprehension and facilitate better discus...

  • classroom with students
    According to a new study, students who took the Swedish language version of the course answered an average of 73% more test questions correctly than the English language course. Photo: Shubham Sharan / Unsplash
    English teaching leads to more dropouts and poorer results
    27 Sep 2023

    English as a language of instruction in higher education has a clear negative impact on study results, according to a new study published by KTH and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

  • Seminar on Smart and Sustainable University Campuses 2030
    27 Sep 2023

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Akademiska Hus welcome you to the seminar "SMART AND SUSTAINABLE UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES 2030". Welcome to participate and support the competing student groups.

  • Padideh Kamali-Zare
    She is making a dream come true by contributing to the early detection of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, as a creator of groundbreaking microscope technology. Padideh Kamali-Zare is this year’s recipient of the KTH Innovation Award.
    Early detection of Alzheimer’s thanks to groundbreaking medical technology
    18 Sep 2023

    At 14 she took care of her grandmother, who was diagnosed with mild dementia. Today, Padideh Kamali-Zare is the CEO and founder of biotech company Darmiyan. “Just two days after my dear grandmother p...

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