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News in sustainable development at KTH

News in sustainable development at KTH

KTH sustainability news

  • Portrait of Tanmoy Bari
    “At a time when we charge our cars the same way we charge our phones, and private households can produce their own electricity, households can become part of a common energy solution for the whole society. My goal is for all of Europe's electricity consumers to have access to each other's surplus electricity. We should be able to move the supply of electricity between countries," says Tanmoy Bari, co-founder of Greenely and KTH's Alum of the Year 2024.
    KTH's Alum of the Year 2024 wants to engage Swedish households in the energy transition
    7 May 2024

    He is the co-creator of a digital platform developed to give private households full control over their energy consumption. The vision is to connect electricity consumers to a virtual power plant for ...

  • Two women are discussing
    Researchers Nina Wormbs and Maria Wolrath Söderberg hold a climate show of seriousness and silliness at the launch of their book on how people in society think about climate issues (Photo: Isabelle McAllister)
    How to think about climate issues
    6 May 2024

    How can we live in a way that does not harm the climate? A new book explores how to strive towards a green transition in our everyday lives. The authors, from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Söd...

  • Smiling woman in lab.
    Saman Nimali Gunasekara explores how flexible sector coupling between thermal energy and electric power can be designed for different realities.
    Saman wants to save the climate – with flexible energy storage
    30 Apr 2024

    50 percent of the world's final energy is used in cooling and heating. Yet little attention is paid to the technologies behind it, the role thermal energy storage plays in it, and its connection to el...

  • A man and a woman wearing dark blue jackets.
    Conny Sandbrink Fält and Sabine Micksäter. Photo: Jackie Hellsten.
    Smart waste management at KTH saves money
    26 Apr 2024

    KTH's waste management is good, according to Sabine Micksäter, sustainability strategist at the Sustainability Office, but staff and students could be better at sorting waste. Sorting would reduce the...

  • Porträtt photo Pär Olsson
    Pär Olsson, professor at KTH. PHoto: Fredrik Persson
    KTH-led Nuclear Materials Platform receives 40 million SEK in funding
    19 Apr 2024

    KTH has received funding for a new extensive project in nuclear energy technology. The platform for nuclear materials, NuMaP - Nuclear Materials Platform, receives about 40 million SEK from the Swedis...

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