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IRNOP to bring insights in sustainable project management

KTH föreläsningssal
The conference will be held in the main KTH building with the beautiful E1 as the main hall.
Published May 28, 2024

Hi Anna Jerbrant, one of the organisers of the IRNOP Conference taking place at KTH Campus 11-14 June. What kind of conference is IRNOP?

About IRNOP 2024

President Anders Söderholm was the one who brought IRNOP to KTH. Employees from three KTH schools and Linnaeus University are together organising the conference.

Organising Committee

IRNOP , founded in 1993, is a global network of researchers with a background in business, economics, engineering and other fields, with a common interest in projects, project organizations and temporary systems.”

What is the main theme of this year’s conference, and why was it chosen?

“This year’s theme is 'Project Management in a Sustainable Future.' It highlights managing projects with a focus on long-term environmental and social impacts. This includes sustainable practices from planning and design to execution and closeout, and considering the circular economy through reducing, reusing, and recycling resources.”

Can you tell us about some of the keynote speakers and what insights they will bring?

“We have notable keynotes from both academia and industry. Frank Geels, Professor of System Innovation and Sustainability at the University of Manchester, will discuss sustainability transitions and projects. Tomas Carlsson, CEO of construction company NCC, will talk about transforming the project industry.”

How will this conference benefit the university community and the broader field of study?

“The conference will offer insights into sustainable project management, covering green technologies, sustainable design, community engagement, and long-term project impacts. This holistic approach will benefit both our university and the wider academic and professional communities.