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Hans Westlund

Professor of Urban and Regional Studies

Cities and regions are complex clusters of a number of different operations. Cities can be described in terms of economic, ecological, technical, social and cultural networks that are located at the same place and develop in interaction with each other.
How can these complex organisms work? One answer is that it happens in both spontaneous and organised interaction between ecology, markets, planning and governance. Today’s research has provided very detailed knowledge about the city’s various components and processes, but an overall “science of cities” is still missing.
Hans Westlund’s research is about understanding the complicated interaction between various players and factors that drive the development of cities and regions. The aim is to improve the methods and tools of planning and governance to create sustainable societal development. Hans Westlund coined the term “multidimensional entrepreneurship” to emphasise the need for novel thinking and innovation in every sector of society. His research illustrates the significance of building social capital, networks within and between different groups of societal players, to contribute to the sustainable development of cities and regions.

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