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Joydeep Dutta

Professor of Functional Materials

The core competency of the Functional Materials Division at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the ability to design and produce nanomaterials and self-organising nanomaterials with specific properties.  The research aims to understand the basic relationships between the material’s chemical composition, morphological structure and its physical properties. Part of the activities are focused on the development of specific applications in nanotechnology with a focus on energy and the environment. The research teams develop nanomaterials for applications that create new solutions for sustainable development in society.
Joydeep Dutta works with the development of fundamental understanding of nanomaterials that will be able to be used to reduce pollutants in air and water and to serve as alternative energy sources such as solar cells and the production of hydrogen. Specific examples are photocatalytic cleaning of phenol from water using nanoparticles, effective systems for water desalinisation, applications for pressure sensors and new superhydrophobic surfaces. 

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