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Ann Legeby

Professor in Applied Urban Design

Ann Legeby is particularly interested in the social dimension of urban design and planning, where segregation, urban life, and equal living conditions are central research themes.

The research aims to increase the understanding and knowledge of the role of urban design in relation to segregation and unequal living conditions when developing more socially sustainable and just cities. Architecture and urban planning have a major impact when counteracting segregation and achieving more equal living conditions, which today are priority issues in many cities.

Ann Legacy’s research focus is on how the urban structures and the urban form of the city create opportunities and conditions for various societal processes that are studied from social, economic, and ecological perspectives.

Legeby develops methods, theories, and tools for different forms of spatial analysis, as well as accessibility and density analyses. Many of the research projects are carried out in close collaboration and co-creation with municipalities and other parties. 

For more than 20 years, she has also worked in practice within urban design, spatial planning, assessment analysis, design of public spaces as well as future studies. Through her work at Sweco Architects in Gothenburg, she has taken the initiative to a mentor programme to support young people in northeast Gothenburg as part of the Angered Challenge.

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