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James Gross

Professor in Machine-to-Machine Communications

Wireless networks are part of everyday life today. We use them on a daily basis to surf the Internet or to monitor vehicles on the road, for instance. Soon, they will also be used to guarantee the safety of self-driving cars.

During his career, James Gross has worked with everything from optimising wireless networks, especially new generation mobile networks and self-learning systems, to developing new theoretical as well as experimental tools to evaluate and further develop this area. Over the last decade, his interest has been increasingly drawn towards the development of Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M). 

Development within M2M communication is moving in two different directions. On the one hand towards developing new sensors that can communicate incredibly energy efficiently and without any human involvement or control. On the other hand, towards wireless systems where devices can reply to each other extremely rapidly and reliably, in principle without any delay. 

Gross has dedicated the last ten years to the latter orientation where timely, secure and reliable communication is absolutely crucial for many new applications arising. His work is both theoretical and experimental with the aim of providing the foundations for future wireless systems and corresponding new applications.

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