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Professorial inauguration 2022 at KTH

After two years of the pandemic, it was finally time for the inauguration of professors at KTH for 2020 and 2021.


The ceremony was held at Musikaliska at Nybroplan and began with Professor Sigbritt Karlsson, president of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, welcoming all those present and then giving an introductory speech.


There has been no inauguration ceremony for two years because of the pandemic. Two cohorts of professors were therefore inaugurated in 2022: new professors in 2020 first, followed by new professors in 2021. The professors were welcomed onto the stage one by one to be introduced with a video, and then they received their diplomas and lots of applause. 

Commemorative silence

A commemorative silence was held for Professor Oskar Wallmark, who passed away shortly after taking up his professorial post. The speaker was Professor Stefan Östlund. 


Janne Carlsson’s Scholarship for Academic Leadership 2021 was presented by Dean of Faculty Anders Forsgren. The recipient was Associate Professor and Head of Department Josefina Syssner of Linköping University. 

KTH’s Gold Medal for Industrial Collaboration 2021 was presented by Deputy President Mikael Östling. The recipient was Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel. 

The KTH Grand Prize 2021 was presented by KTH Chair Pia Sandvik. The recipient was climate scientist Johan Rockström. 


The KTH Academic Orchestra, conducted by Director Musices Mats Janhagen, provided entertainment during the ceremony. 


The ceremony was led by KTH head ushers Hugo Hildingsson and Ebba Flykt. THS massed standards led the processions in and out. 


The banquet was held in Spegelsalen, the Hall of Mirrors, at the Grand Hôtel. 

After-dinner speakers