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Inauguration of new professors

The inauguration of new professors will take place at Musikaliska March 30 2023. Invitation will be sent out in January 2023.

New professors, appointed between 1 September 2021 - 30 November 2022, will be invited with a guest

From early August a film team is set to make a short introduction film ( approx 50 sec.) for each new professor. Instructions and time schedule for this will be sent to your e-mail. The promoted new professors will be inaugurated on the stage and the film will be shown to the audience.

Affiliated- visiting- and adjunct professors, are also invited to the ceremony and banquet, with partner. Those categories will be mentioned in the printed program and also with a photo on the screen, when the president presents the new professors.

Registration for new Professors will open January 2023. 

The ceremony

The ceremony will be held at Musikaliska, Nybroplan. Musikaliska is the first concert hall built in Sweden and it hosted the Nobel prize ceremony during it's first years. 

Illustration from the very first Nobel prize ceremony, held at Musikaliska 1901.
Illustration from the very first Nobel prize ceremony, held at Musikaliska 1901. TT Nyhetsbyrån


KTH invites new professors and guests to the following banquet. The banquet will be held at Spegelsalen, Grand Hôtel.

We suggest a baby sitter for your children if possible, rather than bringing them to the ceremony/banquet. It is not a suitable environment for children.


The dresscode 'white tie' is strictly required for new professors who attends the ceremony. This attire is also desirable for guests taking part in the banquet.

For additional information regarding the ceremony and everything around it, please contact Master of Ceremonies Hanna Sundelin, E-mail:

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