Safety in Transit Environments, seminar in Stockholm October 2013.

  1. Introduction (Film) Vania Ceccato
    Presentation (pdf 115 kB)

  2. Apple picking: The rise of electronic device thefts in Boston subways (pdf 30.1 MB)     Kendra Gentry

  3. Crime, transportation and malignant mixes (pdf 552 kB)     Ward Adams

  4. In and Around: Exploring potential attractors and generators of theft on the London underground (pdf 830 kB)     Andrew Newton

  5. Assessing Guardianship Opportunities in Stockholm’s subway stations (pdf 4.3 MB)     Adriaan Uittenbogaard

  6. Street Robbery and Public Bus Stops: A Case Study of Activity Nodes and Situational Risk (pdf 21.8 MB)    Timothy Hart

  7. Crime in and Around Metro Transit Stations: Exploring the Utility of Opportunity Theories of Crime (pdf 287 kB)     Nancy Lavigne

  8. Public Transit Riders in New York City: Using Area-level Data to Identify Neighborhoods with Vulnerable Riders (pdf 673 kB)     Sung-Suk Violet Yu & Martha J. Smith

  9. Crowding at bus stops in London: self-organization behavior in relation to pick pocketing warning messages (pdf 4.2 MB)     Reka Solymosi

  10. Assessing the use of navigation system for visually impaired persons' perceived safety (pdf 194 kB)     Jana Sochor

  11. Fear and safety in transit environments from the women's perspective (pdf 1.6 MB)     Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

  12. The impact of crime and neighborhood enclosures on the travel behavior of residents and transport patterns in South Africa (pdf 209 kB)     Karina Landman

  13. Expectation and perception of crime and disorder events in railway stations (pdf 12.5 MB)     Seiji Shibata

  14. Journeys to Crime on a Newly-Introduced Transport System (pdf 4.9 MB)     Christopher Sedelmaier

  15. Adolescents’ fears of violence in transit environments during daily activities (pdf 1.9 MB)     Douglas Wiebe
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