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Courses within the doctoral program in Physics

Spring 2024 

Course code Course name Credits Study period Teacher
FSH3311 Theoretical Nuclear Physics 7.5 - Chong Qi
FSH3301 Experimental Nuclear Physics 8.0 - Bo Cederwall
FSH3501 Radiation Damage in Materials 8.0 - Pär Olsson
FSH3773 Nuclear Power Safety 6.0 - Weimin Ma
FSI3020 Analytical Mechanics and Classical Field Theory 7.5 - Edwin Langmann
FSI3050 Relativistic Quantum Physics 7.5 - Tommy Ohlsson
FSI3300 Theoretical Particle Physics 7.5 - Sandhya Choubey
FSI3075 Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics 7.5 - Jens Bardarsson
FSH3312 Symmetries in Physial Systems 7.5 - Chong Qi
FSH3910 Statistical Methods in Physics 7.5 - Jonas Strandberg

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