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Student Office Mathematics

Opening hours

Teknikringen 8D, room 6251, entrance floor
Telefon: 08-790 91 97

Days Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10.00-13.00

Please send your inquiries to .

At the student affairs office you can get help with

  • Registration and re-registration at courses that are given by the Department of Mathematics
  • Graduate students and students at Stockholm University can pick up their written exams at the Student Office. KTH students will find their scenned exams under My Pages  (personal menu).
  • Submitting and collecting homework (project reports, lab sheets etc.)

Please observe that course literature can be bought at Kårbokhandeln.


All homework should be delivered to Mathematics postbox SF in front of the Student affairs office TR8.

When submitting homework (project reports, lab sheets etc.) please use the following form:

Cover page page for written homework (pdf 111 kB)

Code of honor for students and teachers at courses given by the Division of Numerical Analysis (pdf 178 kB)

Mathematics Learning Center ("mattejour")

See pages for Mathematics Learnings Center

Course registration

  • In order to register for a course given by the Department of Mathematics please use the corresponding web site accessible via your personal menu.
  • When you intend to take a course stretching over more than one semester you must re-register for the new semester.

Dates for registration for the academic year 2019-2020

Autumn semester 2020

  • Period 1 2020: from Thursday August 20 through Monday August 31
  • Period 2 2020: from Thursday October 22 through November 2

Spring semester 2021

  • Period 3 2021: from Thursday January 14 through Monday January 25
  • Period 4 2021: from Thursday March 18 through Monday March 29


The application for participation in examinations is compulsory according to KTH’s rules and can be done via . 

Application periods for the academic year 2020 - 2021 are

Autumn semester 2020

  • Period 1: 15 Sept - 29 Sept 2020 (Regular exams period 1, in October)
  • Period 2: 16 Nov - 30 Nov 2020 (Re-exams period 1, in December)
  • Period 2: 01 Dec - 15 Dec 2020 (Regular exams period 2, in January)

Spring semester 2021

  • Period 3: 09 Febr- 23 Febr 2021 (Regular exams period 3, in March)
  • Period 3: 04 Mar - 18 Mar 2021 (Re-exams period 2, in April)
  • Period 4: 27 Apr - 11 May 2021 ((Regular exams period 4, in May/June)
  • Period 4: 11 May - 25 May 2021 (Re-exams period 3, in June)

Re-examination period August 2021: 1 July - 29 July 2021

Students who are not able apply using "My Pages", for example SU students and those who intend to enhance their grade, shall fill in the corresponding form below and submit it to  or to the student affairs office before the deadlines indicated above.

Request for review of grade

A request for review of grade can be filed by filling in the form below that shall be left at the student affairs office in person or sent by email.

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