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Sensoring safety perceptions in and around Kista: A temporal perspective of place users

This is a Digital Futures/ Senseable Stockholm lab research project that aims at obtaining a better understanding of how people assess safety in a particular area of Stockholm - Kista area, more specifically, how people’s safety perceptions relate to the quality of the physical and the social environment of the area.

Safe Kista

 This research has two main parts. First, the study investigates the nature of safety by particular types of city users: living, and working in Kista (intra-area focus). Then, we explore ways to capture how outsiders living in the Stockholm municipality and elsewhere assess Kista, focusing on how they link safety to the quality of the environment in this area (city-wide focus). 

Young people are often treated by official authorities as “the problem” but instead, in our study, we capture young people’s perspective and see how their safety relate to their whereabouts, their settings, the people they meet and their perceptions of safety in Kista and related areas.

The research process will include youth organizations and the hope is that the results can lead to concrete measures. The research is executed by researchers at KTH (Vania Ceccato, Jonatan Abraham) and MIT (Fabio Duarte). Our partners are:

More information about the research project can be found here .

Duration: 2023-2024.

Belongs to: Department of Urban Planning and Environment
Last changed: Jan 18, 2023