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Assessing the importance of light conditions for safety in transit environments: Fieldwork experiments and virtual reality scenarios (VR)


In this study, we assess the impact of lighting on safety incidents in subway stations as well as on travelers' safety perceptions. The analysis focuses on changes in lighting conditions (intensity/strength, direction, distribution, color) detected using data from (1) virtual reality (VR)scenarios and (2) real-life experiments in a subway station in Stockholm. Surveys with users and regression models underlie the analytical methodology employed in the study. The main contribution of this research is to provide guidelines for planning illumination in current safety interventions and for future stations.

Project leader: Prof Vania Ceccato

Collaborative researcher: Dr Ute Besenecker, the Lighting Design Division at KTH Architecture

Funding: Region Stockholm, 2023-2024

Belongs to: Department of Urban Planning and Environment
Last changed: Sep 21, 2023