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Vittoria says the high ranking of KTH helped in her decision making

Vittoria is from Italy and holds a bachelor's in industrial production engineering from the Polytechnics school of Turin. She has not regretted choosing KTH for her master's studies.

What made you choose your programme and KTH?

During the last year of my bachelor's I was feeling the need for a change. I was not entirely satisfied with my studies. So I had to choose: keep on with my studies in Italy or go for a huge change. Since I like challenges and am afraid of being bored, I went for the drastic change.

While I was looking for master's programmes abroad, a friend suggested me to have a look at the master's that KTH offers. I started browsing the KTH website, getting information about the application procedures and master's studies. I discovered the Industrial Management master's programme. I felt that it was tailored for my study path. It offered the perfect high-way between technical and management competences, as well as a broader knowledge in different aspects. 

KTH is ranked among the best European technical schools; this helped a lot in the decision process. Change is difficult because you know what you are leaving behind, but you do not know what you will be receiving.

What made you choose Sweden?

The city and the country were the “negative” parts of the choice. Sweden is not famous for the perfect weather or climate conditions. Four hours of day-light, -5 degrees on average in January... these are all tough conditions to accept. But I had never been in Stockholm or Sweden, so coming here to study was a perfect occasion to visit a new place.

But the positive sides of this city and country are overcoming the negative ones. Stockholm and Sweden work exactly like KTH. This town is just perfect. It is not too big (to get lost) nor too small (to get bored). I like it because it offers you a lot of options. The welfare is pretty high. The society provides a lot of well-performing services.

What do you like most about KTH?

Life at KTH is a continuous exploration every day. Life on campus is an ongoing discovery. Every day is different from the previous. There are a lot of guest lectures, lunch meetings and so more. All events help to diversify your daily routine.

Moreover, this university is deeply connected with the industry. It helps when it is time to get in contact with them. This is a major difference between my home university and KTH. Back in Italy, we are not used to practical work. In Italy, students are good at studying, but they do not develop other soft skills such as working in teams, communication skills, and so on.

What is your best memory so far from your time at KTH?

The best memories from KTH, besides the after-exam parties, are the time and effort you share with your group mates to fulfil the project’s goal.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

Do not let the fear of the unknown get in your way; I hope to meet you here!