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"Many of my senior friends from Europe recommended KTH"

Liangcheng comes from China. His home university is Zhejiang University, and he enjoys playing the piano, guitar and reading in his spare time.

What made you choose KTH for your studies?

There is a 3+2 joint programme partnership between my home university and KTH, which was the direct reason for me to choose KTH! Besides, many of my senior friends from Europe recommended KTH and I have been told about the beauty of Stockholm and Sweden since my childhood.

What do you like most about KTH?

The friendly and innovative atmosphere at KTH is one of many aspects I like about KTH. Personally, such an atmosphere provides flexibility in trying and focusing in the subject area of interest. It gives the student an inspiring environment to achieve expertise in their field.

What's unique with your programme?

The Wireless Systems programme (now Information and Network Engineering) lies in one of the competitive strengths of KTH. The professors and alumni are active in both academia and industry, which is very beneficial for one's career development in ICT. Besides, the programme allows students to design the programme apart from mandatory courses according to one’s own interests.

Tell us more about your favourite course so far.

Personally, I prefer courses with hands-on experience. Thus the project EQ2440 Project in Wireless Communications is one of the courses I like most. The course offers state-of-the-art practical teamwork experiences which would be helpful in developing one's all-around technical capabilities. Besides, during the three month period, one could quickly gain practical experience on related hardware/software/theoretical aspects, which would be a boost for the future.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

Sweden is a wonderland. Stockholm is a city full of natural and historical sites. People here are friendly, and the sceneries are fantastic. As a technical person in ICT, Sweden provides an innovative atmosphere in the industry as well. With well-known companies and research institutes like Ericsson etc., Stockholm and Sweden offer excellent opportunities for students to build up their strength in an international environment.

What is your best memory so far from your time at KTH?

My best memory so far is the time travelling to the "Q building" for studying every day the past year. It might seem boring, yet it is something fruitful and full of self-fulfilment!

What do you think are the differences between studying at KTH and your home university?

Studying at KTH requires more independence. There are many opportunities worth a try thus one has to make own decisions. There are many ways to spend the precious time at KTH, and one has to decide on where to focus.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master's studies?

Although the choice depends on one's expectations and plans, generally, the combination of KTH and Stockholm will be a unique, unforgettable experience in life. I bet you will enjoy it as much as me!