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"The freedom of choosing courses is one of the aspects that I like most about KTH"

Jiaying is from China. Her home university is Beihang University. She enjoys swimming, drawing, and reading in her spare time.

What made you choose KTH, Stockholm and Sweden?

I studied Communication Engineering during my bachelor’s degree. At the same time, I gradually became interested in Machine Learning. Thus, I hoped I could study in a field that combined these two areas. KTH and my programme provided me with this perfect opportunity. Besides, Sweden is a liveable place, where I can find a good balance between study, life, and work.

What do you like most about your programme?

My programme includes a lot of different tracks, and I regard it as a combination of Communication Engineering, Machine Learning, and Network Engineering. I think this mixed-field background will make me more competitive in my future career.

What do you like most about KTH?

The freedom of choosing courses is one of the aspects that I like most about KTH. Besides the mandatory courses, I can spend around half of my credits choosing any courses I like, including those from other programmes. This allows me to choose my favourite course based entirely on my own interests and future plans.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

Stockholm is a historical but vibrant city. If you stroll through the centre of Stockholm, you will find many historical buildings with their own unique charm. But if you go to Kista, which is known as the Silicon Valley in Europe, you will be shocked by the strong industrial atmosphere there.

Sweden has so many multinational companies, like Ericsson and Volvo, as well as more and more new start-ups. This can provide opportunities for young people with dreams and abilities.

What is your best memory from your time at KTH so far?

My best memory at KTH is the time doing group projects. We were able to freely team up, choose our favourite topic, and cooperate to find a solution to a practical issue. I really enjoyed the process where everyone devoted themselves to solving the problem. I also learned a lot by discussing things with friends with different academic backgrounds.

Are there any differences between studying at KTH and your home university?

KTH has more diversified teaching forms. In the past year of study here, in addition to class and exams, I did a lot of practical assignments, group projects, and presentations. What is more, KTH encourages students to finish their master’s thesis in industry, which can help us understand the research process and culture of an enterprise before seeking employment in the field.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

KTH will provide you with lots of opportunities, including student activities, exchange programmes, internships, etc. Every KTH student gains more than just knowledge. I believe these two years will definitely exceed your expectations.

What do you see as the most significant aspects of your programme?

I think the courses in my programme are the most significant. All of the courses are well developed both theoretically and practically. Through these courses, I can build a more solid foundation, as well as gain a lot of experience tackling real-world problems.

Do you have a dream job after graduating from KTH?

Yes, I would like to become an algorithm engineer in Sweden or in my home country after graduating. Today artificial intelligence technology can meaningfully improve people’s lives in many respects, including communication, medical services, self-driving technology, etc. I hope that I can make a contribution in this field.