Saul is looking forward to better job opportunities

Saul Llacer is 27 years old and comes from the city of Valencia in Spain. After finishing his bachelor’s studies at the University of Valencia, he applied for the joint master’s programme in Polymer Technology coordinated by KTH. Saul is currently enrolled for the first year at Chalmers University of Technology and will continue his second year of the programme at DTU in Denmark.

Hi Saul, tell us more about why you decided to study this programme.

I studied at Chalmers four years ago as an exchange student, so I already knew that I wanted to study at Chalmers. I went through the study plan of each programme and ranked them depending on how interested I was in the courses, and after that thought about the city.

I will do my first year at Chalmers and then continue at DTU located in Copenhagen, a city I also know really well. I wanted to do a joint programme at two Nordic universities because they are top-ranked and I really like the education here in the Nordic countries. And of course the courses were important in my choice of programme, I found them really interesting.

What are the biggest benefits of your programme?

Having studied in two countries rather than just one makes you different from the rest of the newly graduated engineers. It will hopefully lead to better job opportunities. Also, there is a lot of research in the field of polymer technology.

What are your impressions of Sweden?

I really love the country and the society. The weather can be difficult to handle sometimes, you really start to realise the importance of sunlight. Gothenburg is a really cosy city, everything is close by and it has everything you need.

How are the studies?

There are four periods per year, with two courses in each period. The workload is fair, and it's easier to study for two exams at the same time than having all exams at once.

Some days you start at 8 or at 10 in the morning, and you are done at 3 in the afternoon. Some periods have off days during the week, which is really nice. After Chalmers , I always try to take part in different sports activities.

Is there any advice you would like to give others who will come and study the programme?

I definitely encourage others to apply for this programme as I find it really interesting. I have learned a lot so far. You will make a lot of new contacts during your studies and meet amazing people and cultures.