Xinyi wants to discover two Nordic countries

Xinyi Yu is 24 years old and originally from Tianjin in China where she studied at Tianjin University. Currently Xinyi is studying the second year of the joint master’s programme in Polymer Technology at NTNU in Trondheim.

Hi Xinyi, tell us more about why you chose this programme.

My background is in material science and engineering with a specialisation in polymer science. I chose this programme after reading the course arrangements. For year one, Chalmers had the most suitable courses for me based on my previous studies. For the second year, because I prefer a career working in industry rather than one in academic research, I felt like the study track at NTNU would be a good fit because it is related to industrial processes. Also, the curriculum for that track has a specialisation project before the degree project, and I'd like to work on a project instead of having more courses.

Fortunately, I joined a very nice group at NTNU that has an interesting project topic and great supervisors. What impressed me most at NTNU is their Nano lab. At the lab I have free access to an amazing research environment and a lot of advanced equipment. That helped me a lot during my master’s degree project.

Why did you want to do a joint programme with two Nordic universities?

I chose a joint programme because I wanted to get as much experience during my master’s studies as possible. One year in the same place is the perfect amount of time for forming a general idea of a new city or new school but still keep it fresh. Because I like skiing a lot, my favourite place in Trondheim is the skiing centre. There was a bus line opened during the winter, directly from my home to the skiing park, which was very convenient. I really enjoyed it during the winter and made some progress in my skiing skills.

What will you do after you graduate?

After graduation I'd like to first apply for a job, and maybe apply for doctoral studies two or three years later after having some work experiences. I would prefer a research and development job in a chemistry company, or a job related to supply chains.

Is there any advice you would like to give others who are thinking of studying the programme?

My advice for students who want to choose this programme is to carefully read the course arrangement. If the study track sounds like a good fit for you, the two years in the programme will be a very valuable experience. I really enjoy my master’s studies here.