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Ask us about Polymer Technology

If you have questions regarding the master’s programme in Polymer Technology you are welcome to contact KTH and our students.

Ask Polymer Technology

You can email the programme contact with questions about the programme content and specific entry requirements.

Aalto Univeristy

Academic contact: Jukka Seppälä,

Administrative contact: Name: Anna Mäkilä,


Academic contact: Anders Egede Daugaard,

Administrative contact: Morten Ingemann,


Academic contact: Karin Odelius,

Administrative contact: Maria Orgmets,

Ask a student

There is no student from this programme available to answer questions but you can find students from most other programmes at Ask us about studies .

Ask the Admissions office

You can contact the Admissions office with questions about the application process and the general admission requirements.  or +46 (0)8 790 9440 (Mon 13-14, Tue-Thur 10-11 CET).

General study counselling

You can contact the study counsellors if you need general guidance about study options at KTH. Contact form for study counselling for applicants