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Cost of living and student budget

Your living costs in Stockholm will depend heavily on your lifestyle and spending choices. Getting to grips with your spending will help you plan ahead. Together with our students, we will get you started on your budget.

Living costs in Stockholm

Many students think that living in Stockholm is expensive but compared to the other Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm is consistently ranked as the least expensive. Sweden generally also rank lower than other popular student destinations when it comes to living cost, such as the UK, US, Netherlands, France and Germany. 

Student budgets

As budgets can vary significantly from student to student, or current students Sai, Rafel and Samantha share their own budgets and some practical tips.

Budget in SEK



"I found a cheaper accommodation through SSSB after 4 months with KTH Accommodation, which lowered my budget. I generally always cook lunch at home that I heat on campus."


"I use a bike to commute, which saves some money. I also recommend using food saving apps and the Mecenat student discount card."



"I have a scholarship, which means I have more money to spend on hobbies. I usually bring food or eat in the campus restaurants. I love exploring the city on weekends, so a metro card is a must for me."

Housing 4 100 6 500 7 100
Food 1 800 2 000 1 500
Transport 650 200 650
Healthcare/ insurance 200 300 300
Sports and leisure 1 000 1 000 3 000
Total 7 750 10 000 12 550

If you are a non-EU citizen applying for a residence permit, you must show the Swedish Migration Agency that you have secured financial support of at least SEK 10 314 per month. This amount is not necessarily what you have to spend during your studies. You may pay less or more depending on your lifestyle, spending choices, and financial responsibilities.

 Money-saving tips from our students

Working during studies

International students are allowed to work in Sweden, and there is no legal limit to the number of hours allowed to work while studying full time. Of course, your studies should always be your top priority. Bear in mind that if you want to work in Sweden, learning some Swedish is vital since it is often a requirement for jobs. Some students find work at KTH  during their studies as, for example, lab and teaching assistants.