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"Many lectures were led by prominent personalities and experts from various renowned companies"

Maksym Kunytsia is a graduate of the master's programme in Sustainable Technology, and currently works as a Business Development engineer at InnoEnergy Scandinavia.

Why did you decide to study at KTH?
Having obtained a university degree in my home country, I started looking for new ways to further my expertise in sustainability and international focus. I analysed the front-runners in the area of sustainability and innovative technologies development and, after careful consideration, I singled out the most prominent one for myself – that is precisely the way I ended up in Sweden.

Its excellent reputation and profound curriculum primarily guided the choice of university. Nowadays KTH is not only recognised as one of the best universities in Europe, but it is also the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden that offers its students a world-class education. 

It also stands to mention that here one can find an outstanding international working environment. Studying together with students from all over the world provides with a variety of perspectives and, therefore, enables obtaining unique personal, professional and cultural experiences. 

What do you see as the most significant aspects of your master’s programme?
That it offers a broad spectrum of courses, focusing on different aspects of sustainability. This allows students to create an individualised curriculum with either technology or management focus and, moreover, it gives lots of opportunities to build a distinct skillset by following one’s career ambitions. 

Every course my programme has to offer was always closely connected with the industry. Furthermore, many lectures were led by prominent personalities and experts from various renowned companies. This altogether helped in obtaining more practical knowledge in the sphere and build a network of professional contacts. 

I firmly believe that the master’s programme in Sustainable Technology does not only provide exceptional conditions for studying and conducting research, but it is also a place where any truly innovative idea can be realised. 

How do you use the knowledge and skills you gained during your degree?
Thanks to KTH I was able to grow as an expert and got several steps closer to reaching my career goals. The possibility of choosing my courses made the curriculum individual and let me concentrate on the aspects that I consider of high importance, personally. This altogether allowed me to gain broad knowledge in my professional area and to get in touch with suitable Swedish industry experts. 

Apart from that, I learned how to overcome challenges and find non-standard solutions to various problems. Such a skill was mainly trained in a stimulating environment, created for students at the university. For example, within the programme courses, students were given real-life professional situations and difficulties that needed to be handled with the help of multiple tools and available resources.

All in all, the skills and knowledge obtained helped me from day one at my current job. And the experience of international teamwork from KTH taught me how to get along with people from different backgrounds and that ensured a smooth start on the international arena.

What career opportunities are available in your field?
Over the past decades, all industries have turned their focus to the importance of sustainability, and nowadays this area grows more rapidly than ever before. This, naturally, creates a high demand for specialists and gives promising prospects for career development. 

After graduation, for example, my classmates followed various career directions – in private, governmental, industrial and non-governmental companies. There are environmental engineers, business developers, consultants in sustainability and environment-related areas, engineers working with energy, water, and waste treatment technologies etc. 

Also, several students decided to continue their studies at academia following various PhD programmes.

What does your current job involve?
I was always passionate about the development and implementation of efficient and sustainable solutions, which are aimed at creating a cleaner future for the next generations. My current occupation is also connected to that. I work for InnoEnergy Scandinavia as a Business development engineer. 

My work at the company is mainly about finding the ways for new technologies to enter the market, either from technical, business or sustainability perspectives. Together with a team of innovators and international partners we design, develop and bring to the market new solutions, which facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

My work involves cooperation with international projects and partners, which gives me an opportunity to see the world, meet the best experts in the energy field, exchange ideas and learn the top practices from all over the world. 

Five things that you would like to advise future students?
For me, the time spent at KTH could be described as a great adventure, filled with new friends, exciting journeys and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

I acquired new knowledge, learned a lot about different nationalities and cultures, experienced many priceless moments. This period changed lots of things in my life, but more importantly, it helped me understand myself better as well as the path I am to take in life. 

For new students, I would recommend to be active and participate in as many university activities as possible. As by doing so, they will be able to meet new friends, expand their professional network, learn new things about other cultures and have fun with people from all over the world. Who knows, but sometimes even a random acquaintance might affect significantly one’s life in the future.

Apart from that, students should believe in themselves. The fact that they study at KTH is already a proof that they are good enough as their potential was previously acknowledged. The people whom I met during my studies here were all so talented! 

Students should also stay positive and easy-going. It is worth opening up as there is always something interesting to learn.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your time in Stockholm and at KTH. I understand that studying can be tough sometimes, but even so, don’t forget to have fun!

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