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Faezeh received a scholarship from KTH

The KTH One-Year Scholarship has lowered the pressure of economic uncertainties for Faezeh from Iran. It has helped her focus on the studies during her master's programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design.

What has this scholarship meant for you and your studies?

The most helpful aspect of this scholarship was lowering the pressure of economic uncertainties to help me focus on my studies, especially in the time of this strange pandemic when much of your financial plans might not go according to your expectations.

What was your academic or professional background before applying for the scholarship?

My background is architecture. I have a bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering and worked at a climatic architecture firm in Tehran before deciding to continue to graduate studies. At the time of my application to the scholarship, I was studying Sustainable Urban Planning and Design (SUPD) at KTH.

Do you have any recommendations for students applying for the One-Year Scholarship?

This is a performance-based scholarship, so if you are considering applying for it, you'll need to focus on maintaining outstanding performance. My only advice is to remember that learning comes first; if you enjoy what you are doing, you will give it your best shot. Try to immerse in your studies. Don't worry too much about the goal, but focus on the process of learning during your courses.

What are the best aspects of your programme and your school?

What I love most about my programme, Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, is that it is interdisciplinary with an investigative and critical approach to different views on the interrelations between the built environment and socio-economic factors with a strong focus on the discourse of sustainability. There are three different tracks within the programme, focusing on design, planning and environmental studies, so you have quite a rich spectrum of disciplines to make your unique educational experience for future expertise.

What would you say to a student applying for your programme?

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design provides you with robust and diverse studies and worldviews, exploring the urban phenomenon and its ecological, social and economic aspects. Also, there is a strong emphasis on collective learning and work. So you would have the opportunity of learning from and working with a diversified cohort of students from various backgrounds, from architecture to geography, environmental studies and social sciences. I would say, try to keep an open mind and a critical view on what you learn and adapt to different collaborative environments. It can be fantastic to see how a creative approach to the same problem can open up such deep dialogues and exciting solutions.