Recent publications by the Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems.

Salemi, Arash (et al.) 15 kV-Class Implantation-Free 4H-SiC BJTs With Record High Current Gain 2018
Velander, Erik (et al.) An IGBT Turn-ON Concept Offering Low Losses Under Motor Drive dv/dt Constraints Based on Diode Current Adaption 2018
Bessman, Alexander (et al.) Challenging Sinusoidal Ripple-Current Charging of Lithium-Ion Batteries 2018
Jin, Lebing (et al.) Communication-Based Distributed Control of the Stacked Polyphase Bridges Converter 2018
Armendariz, Mikel (et al.) Comparative Study of Optimal Controller Placement Considering Uncertainty in PV Growth and Distribution Grid Expansion 2018
Chamorro, Harold R. (et al.) Distributed Synthetic Inertia Control in Power Systems 2018
Risseh, Arash ; Nee, Hans-Peter ; Goupil, Christophe Electrical Power Conditioning System for Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery in Commercial Vehicles 2018
Jürgensen, Jan Henning (et al.) Impact Assessment of Remote Control and Preventive Maintenance on the Failure Rate of a Disconnector Population 2018
Fazlollahi, Ariyan ; Franke, Ulrik Measuring the impact of enterprise integration on firm performance using data envelopment analysis 2018
Zografos, Dimitrios ; Ghandhari, Mehrdad ; Eriksson, R. Power system inertia estimation: Utilization of frequency and voltage response after a disturbance 2018
Mazidi, Peyman (et al.) Profit-maximization generation maintenance scheduling through bi-level programming 2018
Moiseeva, Ekaterina ; Hesamzadeh, Mohammad Reza Strategic Bidding of a Hydropower Producer under Uncertainty: Modified Benders Approach 2018
Shayesteh, E. ; Gayme, D. F. ; Amelin, Mikael System reduction techniques for storage allocation in large power systems 2018
Almas, Muhammad Shoaib ; Baudette, Maxime ; Vanfretti, Luigi Utilizing synchrophasor-based supplementary damping control signals in conventional generator excitation systems 2018
Angioni, A. (et al.) A distributed automation architecture for distribution networks, from design to implementation 2017
Haddadi, Aboutaleb (et al.) A first step towards the implementation and software-to-software validation of an active distribution network model 2017
Heuvelmans, Matthijs A high-frequency semi co-Axial transformer with high insulation voltage 2017
Hagnestål, Anders ; Guldbrandzén, Erling A highly efficient and low-cost linear TFM generator for wave power 2017
Almas, Muhammad Shoaib ; Vanfretti, Luigi A method exploiting direct communication between phasor measurement units for power system wide-area protection and control algorithms 2017
Armendariz, Mikel (et al.) A Method to Design Optimal Communication Architectures in Advanced Metering Infrastructures 2017

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