Power System Dynamics, Operation and Control

We are working for a sustainable society. Our aim is to develop models, methods, tools, and control strategies to maintain a secure and reliable operation of power systems in a cost effective manner.

With a vision of a power system with 100% renewable energy sources our main research focuses are on:

  • The enhancement of stability of power systems
  • Modern and reliable power systems
  • Centralized and distributed control systems
  • design and implementation of advanced control methods

The constraints which threaten/affect the stable operation of power system are being dealt and investigated thoroughly in our research group. Mathematical models are designed to study the steady-state and dynamic behavior of system under different circumstances. The challenges faced by modern powers systems are examined mathematically and analytically to provide solutions by designing control strategies. These control strategies are implemented and verified using different scientific tools.

Research is also being carried out on the behavior and impact of modern power system devices, such as FACTS and HVDC devices, on stability and reliability of power systems. Control strategies are also designed to implement on these devices to enhance their effectiveness and positive impact on system’s operation.

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