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Ana Isabel Mendoza Álvarez

Research project

Multifunctional structural outdoor insulation surfaces


Emma Strömberg , Henrik Hillborg


ELEKTRA program

Project description

The objective of the present project is to develop structural composite materials  with superhydrophobic properties, for antifouling and antifogging function of high voltage outdoor insulation applications. This will reduce the leakage currents, as well as increase the flash over voltages during the lifetime of the outdoor insulation system. The projects contains a new approach for solving this challenging problem by combining two known technologies: patterned functional surfaces and regenerative superhydrophobic surfaces. The polymer composites will contain micro- and nanofillers, protected by a superhydrophobic structure. The adhesion of pollution particles and moisture to these functional materials will be investigated during various conditions, as well as time scales. The relation between these properties to leakage current levels and flash over voltages will be investigated. The investigated concept is primarily intended for HV/MV composite outdoor insulation, but the use as a structural coating on ceramic insulation can also be considered.

Research interests

  • Characterization of Polymeric Materials
  • High/Medium Voltage Insulation Materials
  • Polymer Composites, Micro- and Nanofillers
  • Surface Modification Technologies, Super-hydrophobic surfaces
  • Silicone Rubber Modification

Academic background

PhD student at the Division of Polymeric Materials, Fibre and Polymer Technology, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, KTH, since September 2013

Research assistent at Material Research Institute at Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain: "Study of biodegradability in starch-based biocomposites reinforced with natural fibres using Thermo-Gravimetrical Analysis (TGA)." (2006)

Master Thesis at Fibre and Polymer Technology (KTH): "Development and optimization of analytical procedures for the identification of Octa-BDE in recycled styrenic samples from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), combining solvent extraction with MAE and HPLC-UV detection." (2006)

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at High Technical School of Industrial Engineering (ETSII), Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Specialization in Industrial Processes. (2009)

Personal information

I was born in 1984 in Madrid, Spain and grown up in Valencia. After my Master studies I have been working during 4 years as Chemical Engineer within the industry:

  • Production & Lean Manufacturing Engineer producing steam systems for corrugated cardboard manufacturers (Valencia, Spain), 2012
  • R&D Consultant Engineer in chemical and industrial companies (Barcelona, Spain), 2008/2010-2012
  • Quality and Environmental Engineer at SONY Spain S.A. - BCN Technology Center - Barcelona, Spain. Green Partner Program according to REACH and RoHS. (Barcelona, Spain), 2009-2010


NPD, Nordic Polymer Days, 2014, Göteborg, Sweden (Oral presentation)

20th International Conference on Composite Materials, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark (Oral presentation)

Contact information


phone: +46 (0) 8 790 7522

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