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CFP in research cooperation with UCL

Published Feb 03, 2020

"Densification and Housing: a critical investigation of social sustainability and placemaking agendas in Stockholm and London"

A new research project investigates the effects of densification on sustainability and placemaking. The project, which is a cooperation between the KTH Centre for the Future of Places and UCL is led by Catalina Turcu at UCL.

"Recent studies discuss at length the extent of the current housing crisis in countries such as Sweden and the UK. The Stockholm region is growing rapidly and so, a significant housing shortage has become apparent. Housing prices and costs have been skyrocketing, with apartment prices having increased by 200% in a decade; and ‘social renting’ lists of up to two decades waiting time. The London metropolitan area has also seen a notable rise in population in recent years and this has increased prices to unprecedented levels and made it difficult for vulnerable households to access housing." Read more about the project

Dr. Catalina  Turcu
Dr. Catalina Turcu
UCL, The Bartlett School of Planning Faculty of the Built Environment
Belongs to: Centre for the Future of Places
Last changed: Feb 03, 2020