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Expression Bioinformatics

We are interested in the bioinformatics aspects of gene expression and gene regulation.


Within this broadly defined research area, we are particularly interested in: transcriptome reconstruction and differential gene expression, including isoform assessment and allelic imbalances; regulatory mechanisms including both protein factor binding and chromatin modification events; the influence of genome (and transcriptome) variants on phenotype; and the integration of all these data types to further our understanding of biological systems, specifically in human and plants (model and non-model organisms).

Additionally, we also have a long-standing interest in developing methods for predicting protein subcellular localization in eukaryotes.

We preferably engage in projects with an evident potential for bioinformatics method development coupled with a significant biological relevance.

Our current projects

  • Detect DNA variants in cancer exomes
  • Detect and functionally characterize physical gene clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Predict subcellular localization of proteins from amino acid sequence data
  • Detect allele-specific expression and chromatin factors in human white blood cells
  • Transcriptome reconstruction and characterization in a spruce variant with accelerated reproduction cycle


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