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CESIS organizes workshop for ISGEP

Published Sep 13, 2012

The research center CESIS at INDEK will organize the 2012 workshop for the international research network on studies of exports and productivity, ISGEP Sept 26-28.

This year, the ISGEP workshop has a particular focus on innovation and internationalization. In total 28 papers will be presented by scientists from universities in 15 countries and the World Bank. Invited keynote speakers include John Cantwell from Caruthers University in Newark and Mark Roberts from Pennsylvania State University. Both belong to the absolute world leader layer of researchers conducting studies on innovation and international markets.
ISGEP was founded in 2005 and is a platform for collaboration between research teams from around the world who are studying internationalization based on company data. One of the objectives is to study the specific differences between countries in order to increase awareness of the link between internationalization and successful companies. ISGEPs previously had workshops have taken place in Luneburg, Nottingham, Dublin, Valencia and Nice.
The prestigious scientific journal The World Economy will publish a special issue related to the ISGEP 2012 workshop.
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Last changed: Sep 13, 2012