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Entrepreneurship in the veins

Portrait of Terrence Brown
Published Sep 08, 2021

He’s got entrepreneurship in his blood since childhood, and research in this field has great impact on society. INDEK’s Terrence Brown, one of three new professors at ITM, tend to stay with his crew, but the word “barbershop music” might be an ice breaker when approaching him.

Describe your research and how it can make a difference.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful social tools. My research in understanding the entrepreneurial process as well as making the process better, has had and will continue to have a fundamental impact on these processes. By identifying problems, then providing solutions for them in terms of products and services, entrepreneurship creates value for those that have the problems (customers), owners (the entrepreneurs), employees (by paying them), the state (by increasing the tax base), and society in general. This value can be financial, but is also social value.

How was your interest in the research area aroused? What inspired you?

I have been involved in entrepreneurial ventures since I was a kid. I started studying business in high school and it continued through college and then business school. I really loved reading about business and entrepreneurship. It wasn’t until someone mentioned to me that I could do this full time by becoming an academic. It never occurred to me until then.

So mastering the theoretical skills around entrepreneurship attract you more than actually being an entrepreneur?

I have always been an entrepreneur. I have always had my hand in various ventures. I have never lost my desire and ability to be involved in ventures. I just don’t have an active or leading role, but rather a more advisory one. However, most of my time these days center on being an academic entrepreneur, for example, I founded and continue to edit an international peer reviewed journal, The International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, which is Scopus, AJG (Academic Journal Guide), and Web of Science listed.

How would you describe yourself as a person at work?

Interesting question. I get along with most people, but tend to spend my time with a few well-chosen colleagues. And given the fact that our department has physically reorganized a number of times, most people don’t even know what room I currently occupy :-)

What will be the biggest difference with the new title?

Funny thing. It changed immediately how people interact with you, talk to you and even look at you. Also, as I change my social media status, enquiries from all over the world start to arrive at my mailbox including possible research collaborations, consulting and board positions, as well as positions as an expert and examiner. Also, I don’t have to explain what my job is any longer at least not in Sweden.

Text: Anna Gullers

Facts about Terrence

Name: Terrence E. Brown

Title: Professor Technology-Based Entrepreneurship

Age: 59

Live: Saltsjöbaden

Born: District of Columbia, USA

Family: Wife, Twin 19 year old daughters, two 11 year old cats, and a new 5 month old puppy

Unexpected talent: Toured Europe singing “Barbershop” music

Belongs to: Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Sep 08, 2021