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Frauke Urban at INDEK, is one of the Climate Champions of Startup Climate Action

Published Jun 26, 2020

Time is running out and we must act quickly to limit global warming to 1.5° C. Startup Climate Action therefore has a challenge-driven approach and focuses on UN Sustainability Goal # 13 − Climate Action. The starting point is 13 Climate Challenges, presented by 13 Swedish Climate Champions.

Frauke Urban Climate, Champion for Renewable and Clean Energy

Sting and Norrsken, two leading startup ecosystems in Sweden, are launching Startup Climate Action – a challenge-driven initiative to accelerate the creation and growth of startups that bring solutions to fight climate change. The initiative, which is backed by Sweden’s leading professionals in sustainability, will put Sweden on the world map as a home for Climate Action startups.

The initiative receives funding from Vinnova and among the supporting partners are KTH, Stockholm Resilience Center, the Swedish Energy Agency, IVL, and the 13 Climate Champions. Startup Climate Action consists of three parts. The first, launched on 11 June, is an Open Innovation Challenge focusing on inspiration, ideation and team creation. Deadline to participate with an idea and team is August 2nd.

The ideas that qualify go on to part two, Test Drive Climate Action, a workshop series by Sting and Norrsken focusing on validation of the business ideas.

The final step, the Climate Action Accelerator, an accelerator program run by Sting, will be launched in 2021.¨

For more information and to apply, click this link:

Illustration of 13 Challenges with icons for energy, transport and AI for instance.