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MEMS THz systems (SSF)

A framework project within the SSF Electronics & Photonics programme

Principal investigator: Joachim Oberhammer, KTH


This objective of this project is to create THz microsystems, which are a novel and revolutionary way of creating drastically miniaturized, volume-manufacturable and cost-efficient THz systems. These microsystems are expected to contribute significantly to the large-scale scientific and industrial exploitation of the heavily sought-after frequency space between 0.1-1 THz, and thus to enable the wide-spread use of THz technology in various commercial and scientific applications in our society (incl. wireless communications, remote sensing, radar security systems and industrial/medical/environmental sensors). The THz microsystems are envisioned to be manufactured by Swedish industry and to be utilized by Swedish RF system stakeholders. The THz microsystem platform is based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and low-loss substrate-integrated hollow waveguide technology which will enable a new class of reconfigurable, highly-adaptive THz systems. The expected outcome is proof-of-concept prototypes and experimental validation, ready for technology transfer and industrial development within 5 years after project end. The research partners are: KTH Royal Institute of Technology  (RF/microwave MEMS technology), FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency  (radar systems, subsystem integration), and UU Uppsala University  (microwave engineering & antennas). The industrial supporters are Ericsson  (telecommunication), SAAB  (avionics/security systems), Omnisys Instruments  (space sensors), Sivers IMA  (telecom and remote sensing modules) and Silex Microsystems  (MEMS manufacturing). The project is funded by SSF Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research .

Project constellation

•Project duration: 2014-05-01 to 2020-06-30 (6 years)

•Project budget:

  – public funding: SEK 32 million (SSF)

  – complementing OH funding by research partners

•Research partners:

  – KTH (Joachim Oberhammer, RF/microwave MEMS)

  – FOI (Robert Malmqvist, radar systems)

  – Uppsala University (Anders Rydberg, microwave technology)

•PI and coordinator: Joachim Oberhammer, KTH

•Industrial supporters:

  – Ericsson (telecommunication systems)

  – Saab (defence, security)

  – Silex Microsystems (microsystem fabrication)

  – Omnisys (space and environmental sensors)

  – Sivers IMA (telecommunication modules)

  • Qamcom (industrial radar sensors)
  • Combitech (microwave consulting)
  • Ascilion (microwave medical applications)

•The project activities are coordinated with the SSF project ”Solutions for high datarate wireless communication” (Herbert Zirath, Chalmers) for creating a larger reesarch environment for future THz systems in Sweden

Research funding by

Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)


The project has an intranet with two different security levels, using a document sharing system. If you are entitled to this non-public document sharing system, please contact the coordinator for access credentials.

Links to publications

People involved at KTH

Umer Shah

Bernhard Beuerle

Henrik Frid (until 2016)

James Campion

Fritzi Töpfer

Aleksandr Krivovitca

Oleksandr Glubokov

Xinghai Zhao
Joachim Oberhammer (PI, project coordinator, responsible at KTH)