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Anders Mörtberg: Functional Programming in Haskell (Docent Lecture)

Time: Wed 2023-05-17 13.00 - 15.00

Location: Lecture room 2, Albano house 1, floor 2

Participating: Anders Mörtberg

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In functional programming the programmer writes code and implements programs by constructing, modifying, and composing functions. This enables a more mathematical approach to programming and by writing code functionally one obtains programs that are often short and elegant, making it possible to reason mathematically about their correctness. In the lecture I will introduce Haskell - a purely functional programming language with a powerful type system. Programming in Haskell is quite different from traditional languages, like C/C++, Java and Python, and I will highlight some of the strengths of Haskell while introducing key concepts in functional programming, including recursion, pattern-matching, and higher order functions.