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Arno Kret: Construction of Galois representations for GSO_2n

Time: Wed 2019-10-30 11.00 - 12.00

Location: SU 306

Participating: Arno Kret, Amsterdam


In this talk we report on some work in progress together with Sug Woo Shin, on the construction of Galois representations for certain forms of the group \(GSO_{2n}\) over a totally real number field \(F\). More precisely, we consider a quasi-split form \(G\) of \(GSO_{2n}\)that is split if n is even and non-split if n is odd. Then we construct, for cohomological, cuspidal automorphic representations \(\pi\) of \(G\), a corresponding Galois representation, in case pi is at a finite place isomorphic (up to twist) to the Steinberg representation.