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Erik Nilsson: Finite element category theory and why

Time: Fri 2021-12-10 13.15 - 14.15

Location: KTH, 3721 and Zoom (meeting ID: 685 7849 8723)

Lecturer: Erik Nilsson (KTH)


At the intersection of subject areas lies a more rarefied space inside which fewer people work. A method for producing novel research could therefore be to take subjects one knows something about, and proceed to look for intersections or some kind of interplay between them. Of course, this interplay needs to show promise of being useful in some sense. Funnily enough, applying category theory to study high level aspects of finite element methods and discretisations in general, seems to be such an intersection holding some actual promise. Unfortunately, I don't know any category theory, and I also don't know much about finite element methods; but I will nevertheless do my best to introduce this topic. Hopefully by the end of the talk, our first instinct when hearing the words "finite element category theory" will not anymore be to laugh.