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Evelina Stringer: Origami och matematik. Här nedan är mitt abstract.

Time: Tue 2019-12-10 11.00 - 12.00

Location: Kräftriket, house 5, room 32

Participating: Evelina Stringer


How can we use origami as a mathematical tool? In this paper we look at the history of origami and mathematics as a subject and four classical problems that has proven to be impossible to solve with compass and straight-edge and how we can solve them using origami. The first problem is doubling the cube. Given a cube, construct another cube whose volume is twice the size of the given cube. The second problem is trisecting an arbitrary angle and the third is constructing regular N-gons. It is possible to construct certain regular N-gons with compass and straight-edge but there are many more you can construct using origami. The fourth problem is to solve general cubic equations. We look at how to do these constructions and their proofs.