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Lydia Wegerman Gemzöe: Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry and Fuchsian Groups

Time: Thu 2021-08-26 09.00 - 10.00

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 616 1208 6325 (password required, contact

Respondent: Lydia Wegerman Gemzöe

Abstract: This thesis is an introduction to hyperbolic geometry and Fuchsian groups. We will introduce the Poincaré models of the hyperbolic plane and give a matrix representation of the group of hyperbolic isometries. A Fuchsian group is a discrete group of orientation-preserving hyperbolic isometries. We will give a definition of a fundamental domain for a Fuchsian group and describe the relation between Fuchsian groups and hyperbolic tessellations. One of the main results of this work is the Poincaré Polygon Theorem, which states that given a hyperbolic polygon we can find, provided that certain conditions are met, a Fuchsian group which has this polygon as a fundamental domain.

Belongs to: Department of Mathematics
Last changed: Aug 20, 2021