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Fabrizio Conca: The construction of the Tsilerlson space

Time: Fri 2022-10-28 13.15 - 14.00

Location: Albano, Cramer room

Participating: Fabrizio Conca (University of Genova)

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If you think of a Banach space, you will be probably have a space of functions in mind. All of the most common Banach spaces (continuous functions, L^p spaces, ...) contain subspaces which are isomorphic to some l^p space or c_0. It is then natural to ask if this is the case for any Banach space. The answer is negative and the first example of a Banach space not containing any lp or c_0 was given by Tsirelson in 1974 using an innovative construction and tools. In the talk I will present an overview of this construction and provide some background on this kind of problems, which, though formulated in functional analysis, make extensive use of tools from mathematical logic.