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Hanna Persson: Såpbubblor och matematik

Time: Thu 2022-04-21 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Kräftriket, Building 6, Room 306

Respondent: Hanna Persson

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Abstract: Bubbles, and specifically soap bubbles, are truly fascinating. They are also the main subject for this paper. Which mathematical patterns and shapes are there in bubbles, and how can we use bubbles to explain mathematical phenomenons? In this paper we examine a fraction of this, starting with a brief section about surface tension and bubbles. We present and prove the Steiner Tree Problem, which further on is connected to soap films and soap bubbles. Plateuas three principles about soap films are discussed. We look at how soap films behave in a tetrahedron and a cube, and examine which rules apply. At last we present what happens when two and three bubbles meet, and look at some geometrical patterns the bubbles follow according to the matchematical problems and theorems presented and proved earlier in the paper.