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Jan Rolfes: Finding feasible operation modes for power distribution systems by discrete adjustments in distributional robust optimization

Abstract: In recent years the amount of distributed generators (DG), such as local wind farms or solar cells, in power distribution systems (PDS) has increased rapidly. However, the power generation of these DGs is affected by uncertainties, e.g. stemming from weather conditions. These uncertainties may threaten the grid safety and thus smart inverters were developed to stabilize the voltage.
In this talk we propose a mathematical framework to optimize the operation mode of the smart inverters. The framework boils down to a distributional robust optimization problem, where it is possible to adjust some of the variables to the realized uncertainty in the capacity of the DGs. Particularly, one obtains a three-level optimization problem with discrete decisions on the lowest level. In order to address this problem, we aim to develop a branch-and-bound algorithm, that provides feasible solutions for this very challenging problem.

Time: Fri 2022-10-21 14.30

Location: Seminar room 3721

Language: English

Participating: Jan Rolfes

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