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Alexander Lazar:The Noncrossing Bond Posets of Ferrers Graphs

Time: Wed 2022-09-07 10.15 - 11.15

Location: KTH, 3721

Participating: Alexander Lazar (KTH)

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Abstract: Two families of lattices which draw considerable attention in combinatorics are the bond lattices of graphs and the lattices of noncrossing partitions. Recent research has considered a variant of these two families: the noncrossing bond lattices of graphs. These noncrossing bond lattices are strictly finer graph invariants than ordinary bond lattices, but have a subtler combinatorial structure.

In this talk I will discuss a family of graphs whose noncrossing bond lattices have nice combinatorial properties. To do so, I will give a brief introduction to the tools from poset topology used to analyze such posets.