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Liana Ghukasyan: Binomialsatsen

BSc thesis presentation

Time: Mon 2020-06-15 14.30 - 15.30

Location: Zoom, meeting ID: 699 1246 8079

Participating: Liana Ghukasyan

Supervisor: Annemarie Luger


In this thesis, I give an introduction to the binomial theorem and its various proof. To understand the theorem, wi will describe how the binomial coefficients are constructed. We will also repeat the derivative for powe function using the binomial theorem. The Laplacetransform and its properties are discissed. The inverse of the Laplcetransform is used for an alternate proof of the binomial theorem. The thesis concludes with a review of how the binomial theorem in secondary school course looks like and what differences are in comperasion with the higher level.