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Linus Santesson Råsten: Moessners Sats

Bachelor thesis

Time: Tue 2023-12-12 10.00 - 11.00

Location: Albano, Mittag-Leffler Room

Respondent: Linus Santesson Råsten

Supervisor: Håkan Granath

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In this essay, we will cover what is known as Moessner’s Theorem, which was written in 1951 by the German mathematician Alfred Moessner. The theorem is based in, and builds upon, a characteristic of the natural numbers where adding them together in a certain way will always result in even squares. Since the finding of Moessner’s Theorem, various other mathematicians have studied and added to the process therein and found additional properties of it. In the following text, we will explore the theorem and move on to first partially proving it through an inductive proof. Following this we will also look closer at, and flesh out, a complete proof using graph theory.