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Ludovic Räss: Let's use supercomputers to resolve ice flow

Time: Thu 2022-04-28 14.00 - 15.00

Video link: Zoom Link: 628 8972 0565

Participating: Ludovic Räss (ETH)

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Since over a decade, graphical processing units (GPUs) power supercomputers and are about to soon achieve exascale processing capabilities. However, the development of highly efficient, robust and scalable numerical algorithms lags behind this rapid increase in massive parallelism of modern hardware. This current situation challenges legacy solvers' implementations and provides rooms for new development. In this presentation, I will discuss recent advances in the field of accelerated iterative solvers designed for massively parallel implementations. I will further discuss main performance limitations, scalability, and provide insights into some challenges related to resolving full-Stokes coupled to thermal and hydrological processes in 3D over complex topography.