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Lukas Horosiewicz: Fundamental groups of schemes

Time: Tue 2022-02-08 10.00 - 11.00

Location: Zoom

Video link: 623 0420 7142, contact to get the password

Respondent: Lukas Horosiewicz

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Abstract: The fundamental group of a topological space is the group of based homotopy classes at a point. The Zariski topology for schemes is not fine enough and lacks several desirable properties to construct such a group. Under suitable conditions the group of cover automorphisms of a universal covering is isomorphic to the topological fundamental group. Grothendieck introduced the étale topology and used finite étale covers to define an algebraic fundamental group of a scheme in [SGA71]. The goal of this thesis is to give an introduction to the étale fundamental group of schemes without going through Grothendieck’s more general construction of Galois categories.