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Marco Martens: Renormalization in smooth dynamics

Time: Wed 2023-03-15 15.15 - 17.00

Location: Albanova, FD5

Participating: Marco Martens (Stony Brook University)

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FD5, Albanova (directions available here ).


14:15–15:00 Pre-colloquium by Sven Sandfeldt in FB54 .

15:15–16:15 Colloquium lecture by Marco Martens.
16:15–17:00 SMC social get together with refreshments.


Renormalization in dynamics is a tool which connects topological, geometrical properties of systems with parameter space. Its consequences has been observed in many real world systems. Rigorous understanding of renormalization is only available in limited context, roughly speaking in one dimensional dynamics. The presentation will introduce renormalization, describe what is known in smooth one dimensional dynamics. And the surprises beyond that.