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Mattias Jonsson: Base loci of linear series and non-Archimedean Monge–Ampère equations

Time: Wed 2023-11-08 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Albano, Cramér room

Participating: Mattias Jonsson, University of Michigan

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Abstract: Yau proved that every Calabi–Yau manifold admits a Ricci flat metric. He did this by solving a complex Monge–Ampère equation. Recently, Yang Li proved that the regularity of a solution to an analogous non-Archimedean Monge–Ampère equation has implications for the SYZ conjecture in mirror symmetry. I will provide both positive and negative evidence for such a regularity. The negative evidence is based in part on a construction by Lesieutre of an effective divisor with Zariski dense diminished base locus.

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Last changed: Nov 06, 2023